Shredded Tires without Steel elements

For the supply in relation to the burning in boilers for plants where specific technologies have not been introduced for the treatment of the steel elements within the Tires, we also supply shred from which the steel wires have been extracted out using magnetic fields in place. This gives us a form of a rubber powder or very small chips ranging from the sizes of 3mm to 10mm. The sizes tend to vary and are not uniform however the chips are smaller than 2 inches in all of the instances.

The calorific value tends to be higher than the shred including the steel elements and is in the region of 7,500 to 8,000 Kcal/KG.
Material is packed in bags as shown in the picture above with bag weight being approximately 1MT. We can fit upto a 27 – 28 Tonnes in a 40’HC container.