Steel Scrap After Combustion

The recovery of waste tires, through their combustion, produces a by-product named tire wire scrap or tire derived steel (T.D.S.).
.No rubber and fibre contamination is detected since the temperature in the furnace easily reaches 800 °C and all contaminants (rubber/fibre) are completely burned. The scrap is not in shredded form.

This iron scrap is harmonic steel and it doesn’t contain dangerous and toxic substances as highlighted from the tab below:

Element Measure Unit Content
Oil & Fats % p/p <1
Dust with granulometry %p/p <0.01
Antimonium mg/Kg 5
Arsenic mg/Kg <1
Beryllium mg/Kg <10
Cadmium mg/Kg 26.0
Total Chromium mg/Kg 116.0
Mercury mg/Kg 0.6
Nickel mg/Kg 90
Lead mg/Kg 20
Copper mg/Kg 321
Selenium mg/Kg <1
Thallium mg/Kg <1
Tellerium mg/Kg <1
Tin mg/Kg <1
Zinc mg/Kg 423
Cobalt mg/Kg 23.0
Total P.C.B.s ppb <10
Total P.C.T.s ppb <10
Halogenated Organic Solvents mg/Kg <0.01
Aromatic Organic Solvents mg/Kg 0.003
Nitrogen Organic Solvents mg/Kg <0.01

The wires after being mechanically cleaned are stored as part of bales. The Bale dimensions are the following 35cm x 35cm x 40cm, weight: about 95 – 100 Kg, density: 3,8Kg/dm3.

The wire pre-treated presents the following chemical composition:

C S N O Mn Si p Cr nI Cu Sn Zn Met. Fe Tot. Fe
0.013 0.313 0.003 0.354 0.165 0.091 0.013 0.011 0.034 0.071 0.0005 0.003 98.9 98.9

This material, mechanically cleaned and compacted, shows low content of Cu, Ni, Sn (elements that are undesirable in normal commercial steels) and with low P content (element that is considered undesirable in special steel)

The packing in high density bales also guaranties the following advantages:

  • Facilitates the handling and storage procedures.
  • Permits to redeem the transportation cost and custom clearance costs, since we can manage to fit 24-25 Tons in a 20’Upgrade container, depending on the demands of our customers.
  • The material is a product ready for the feeding of the Electric Art Furnace and it doesn’t require further handling and packing procedures