Steel Scrap After Shredding

Tire Wire Scrap or Steel cord Scrap is a steel scrap obtained during the shredding process of used tires. It is a harmonic steel with high content of Carbon that can be up to 0.80% and it’s bronze –coated as highlighted by the chemical analysis below.

Element Measure Unit Content
Carbon % 0.730
Silicon % 0.220
Manganese % 0.670
Phosphorous % 0.026
Nickel % 0.023
Sulphur % 0.018
Copper % 0.022
Molybdenum % 0.002
Chromium % 0.024

The average rubber contamination of the material we can supply is about 15% and it is classified as ISRI 281 Processed tire wire (Ferrous)—Grade 4.

The material is packed in bags, in order to facilitate the handling and storage of the material.

The bag size is about: 1,1 m x 1,1 m x 2 m with around 1 MT weight.

Please note that the packing system is integrated in the shredding plants: this guarantees that the fresh material produced is immediately packed and protected from weather agents in order to avoid the surface oxidation of the wires.

The Bags can been loaded in 40’HC container where we manage to fit up to 27MT in order to redeem the transportation cost.
If further details are required or samples need to be requested please contact us here.