Waste Tires

Once tires are exhausted and cannot be retreaded, they can be destined to recycling whereas they can be recovered as follows:
Material Recovery: waste tires are suitable for many applications, in the form of granules of various sizes.
Energy Recovery: the calorific value of tires is comparable to many fossil fuels, making it a source of energy widely used in power producing/burning industrial sectors, such as cement kilns or power plants.

The waste tires we supply are of heterogeneous origin (car, truck).

We can deliver them cut into pieces for Pakistan and the South Asian markets, however waste tires in a whole form can also be supplied. Whole tires can be packed in bales in order to facilitate their handling and storage. Waste tires cut into pieces are loaded onto 40’HC Containers in loose form and can fit up to a maximum of 29 Tonnes.

Waste Tires still contain fiber and steel reinforcement strands.

The physical properties of the tires can be briefly summarized here below:

Color: Black


O Whole Tires in loose form: 121 Kg/m3

O Whole Tires in Bales: 486 Kg/m3

Durability: The durability of whole tires is higher since they still contain all the reinforcing wire.
Moisture Absorption: Different studies indicate an absorbing rate being around 2-4%.
Temperature Tolerance: tires are capable to support a wide range of environment temperatures without changing irrevocably its chemical and physical properties (ex. Flexibility).

Please note that our waste tires are treated and stocked in order to avoid excessive dirt, presence of foreign material, or any kind of radioactive or dangerous substances.

If required we can send our samples across to our customers for the testing of their quality.