Company Profile

We are a full service operation, committed to our customers in the fast growing hospitality, scrap and consumables market in Pakistan. MontSal Dynamic’s sales and service is professional and efficient.

Our supply of scrap is consumed by major manufacturing units of Pakistan, and we have achieved this mainly due to the network we have established from the Industrial concerns we operate. We are the only supplier of scrap in Pakistan which provide full supply chain solutions to our customers, because we truly understand the demands a manufacturer faces. We try to work with our customers as a team, understanding their procurement problems and providing efficient solutions.

Like all successful companies, our unique asset lies within our team. More than 20 of very well educated and professional employees run the show. Sales, logistics, IT, finance and administration compose all of our departments.

Our extensive electrical, pharmaceutical raw materials and consumables/cosmetic range includes electrical equipment used in homes, Major API’s used by Pharmaceutical plants in Pakistan, soap, bath products, skin, hair, and consumer equipment relating to health care. We sell our brands through retailers, wholesalers, Pharmacies and specialist shops across Pakistan.

We consistently achieve outstanding results by concentrating our efforts on long term business planning and efficient distribution. Considering our presence in the manufacturing sector of pharmaceuticals, food products etc we truly understand the demands of our customers and the expectations they have with a company like ours, which helps us in providing efficient solutions to their problems on a consistent basis.

We understand the marketing need of our multi-national suppliers and are able to translate their international strategies to relevant and effective plans for Pakistan.