Our History



We are the trading arm of an industrial group operating in Pakistan since 1950. With industrial concerns pharmaceuticals Sugar manufacturing, Food and Health care, we have recently branched out into commodities trading. Due to the experience of doing business in different fields as a manufacturer we know exactly what our customers expect and demand from us. Gaining this competitive edge we launched MontSal Dynamic, to provide for the ever changing demands of our customers. Because, We understand them. We take on clients primarily not just for one off transactions but to build relationships with them, to better understand their needs and provide efficient and viable solutions for them in relation to procurement and supply chain management and growth.

We believe in close partnerships to ensure continuous growth and success. We are committed to our customers and strive to provide them with the highest levels of service.

It makes us proud to have taken such an active part in the development of the Pakistani industrial growth and we are well prepared to take full advantage of the many opportunities globally.